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Ancient Beauty Secrets of India Revealed

Ancient Beauty Secrets of Indian Women
Hello, my beautiful friends. Hope, you all are doing good. Today, I am going to share with you about some of the best kept beauty secrets that indian women use to enhance their beauty. I am an Indian, and, I personally love to use the way old beauty rituals taught by my mother and my grandmother. In ancient times, there are no machine made chemical base cosmetics or beauty products, women use all natural ingredients to take care of their skin and hair. So, let me reveal those natural ingredients that indian women use to get flawless skin and strong healthy hair.

1.Fuller's earth:- Fullers earth is a clay that has the capability to remove oil or any other liquids naturally. In ancient times, women use it in many beauty therapies for skin, hair and body treatments. Fullers earth has cooling and antisecptic properties, so, it is widely used by women in India. In ancient times women use fuller's earth as a clea…