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Review on Vlcc Honey Moisturiser

                   My honest review on Vlcc Honey Moisturiser.    




Hello, my lovely people. Hope you all are doing good. Today, i am going to talk about a product from the brand name Vlcc Natural Sciences. Yes, I am going to talk about Honey Moisturiser from Vlcc. The last but the most important part of any skincare routine is to moisturize our skin after cleansing and toning, which completes our skincare routine leaving, our skin well taken care off. Recently, i was looking for a moisturiser, that suites Normal to Dry skin and found this very moistuser from Vlcc which is called Honey Moisturiser. Thought of giving it a try to know if it does work for my skin.... And after giving it a try, here I am with my honest review on Vlcc Honey Moisturiser... 

Product name:- Vlcc Honey Moisturiser
Product price:- Rs. 215/-
Net volume:- 100 ml

Packaging:- The packaging of this product doesn't look anything like a moisturiser, it looks more like of any body lotion. The moisturizer comes in a white pack with all the information about the moisturiser written there. Inside the pack there is a tiny but cute bottle of white colour filled with the moisturiser in it. The bottle has flip open cap in it which helps to squeeze out the moisturiser from the bottle for use. The bottle is compact and that makes it ideal for travel.

Product description:- This moisturiser enriched with Honey and extracts of Fenugreek & Sweet flag hydrates, nourishes and conditions the skin. It actively corrects skin's natural moisture balance making it smooth and supple.

Ingredients:- Aqua, Light liquid paraffin, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) oil, Isopropyl myristate, Dimethicone, Glycerine, Prunus amygdalus (Almond) oil, Plea europaea (Olive) oil, Honey, Acorus calamus (Sweet Flag) extract, Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) extract, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Cetyl alcohol, Glycerol monostearate, D-panthenol, Emulsifying wax, Bees wax, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Sodium benzoate, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Perfume.

Method of use:- After cleansing, apply on face and neck with gentle upward strokes. Use alone or under makeup.

My experience with Vlcc Honey Moisturiser:- The texture of this moisturiser is light and creamy but it is very runny in comparison to other moisturisers. Its consistency is more like any body lotion. The moisturiser is light pink in colour and feels like you have applied any lotion. The smell of the moisturiser is quite good. I use this moisturiser after cleansing and toning my skin, the moisturiser spreads well on my skin. The products claims to make skin smooth and supple and is for normal to dry skin, and yes it makes my skin feel smooth and supple. But my skin is super sensitive and when I apply this moisturiser on my face it gives a burning sensation on corner of my nose, area around my mouth and on my cheeks. But thankfully that burning sensation goes within few seconds. This moisturiser, moisturises my skin well, but it leaves oilyness and shine, which I don't like at all. And also, one more thing that i dont like about this moisturiser is that, whenever i apply this moisturiser it makes my skin dull, it makes my skin look 1shade darker than my actual skin tone. I have been using it for more than 2weeks now and can say that, it is a decent moisturiser. Because of the oily and shiny look it gives, I used it at night as a night cream. But I must say this moisturiser actually hydrates my skin and my skin feel moisturised. For day time, i apply a tiny amount of this moisturiser and I am good to go. Oily skin people can use this as a night time moisturiser and people with super dry skin can use it as both day and night moisturiser. Normal skin people use a tiny amount of this moisturiser, otherwise you will end up having oily and shiny look. One last thing I want to say about this moisturiser is that it is a bit pricey in comparison to how it works.

* Will I repurchase this Vlcc Honey Moisturiser? 
   No, I will not repurchase this Vlcc Honey Moisturiser.

*Do I recommend this Vlcc Honey Moisturiser?
 No,i donot recommend this Vlcc Honey Moisturiser.

                                                  This is all I have to say about Vlcc Honey Moisturiser. Please leave your comments, questions and suggestion regarding this review of mine... Love to read your lovely comments. And don't forget to show some love by sharing it with your family on friends and also on any of your social media and tag me and support me by clicking on the subscribe button up there.... After you subscribe to my blog you will be notified by an email everytime I post on my blog... So, don't forget to subscribe my blog...

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