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Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack Review

My Honest Review on Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack

Hello, my Angels. I hope you all are doing good. We have officially entered in the season of Fall or Winter as we all love to say. Thinking of winter what comes to my mind is sitting beside the fireplace, enjoying cup of hot chocolate and so on. But with all these fun things there comes some other things that no one likes.. Yes I am talking about 'Dryness', dry skin and hair, dandruff etc. Which we all hate.  Dry dull hair and dandruff is common with me too during winter season. So I use to oil my hair very often during winters but that does not help with my dandruff problem that I face and so, i always go for moisturizing hair masks either homemade or those available in the market. Few weeks before i was looking for some hair care products online and i came across a product name Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack and i ordered it for myself to try. I have already used a face serum from Richfeel which was really good and have alr…