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Vedic Line Gold Ojas Serum

                                   Review on Vedic line Gold Ojas Moisture serum with SPF

Hello, my angels hope you all are doing. It is the last week of February and the season is changing, finally spring is around the corner. But the winter this year has been very harsh on my skin... Dryness,itchyness and all that skin issues has actually made my skin go through a bad phase.. And every now and then I have to look for skincare products that gives my skin good amount of hydration and moisture. Now a days gold serums are becoming very popular among all, i can see youtubers and bloggers using gold serum in their skincare routine every time and they are from luxury brands of course . But to be honest not everyone can purchase those high end serums that costs more than 1k. So I thought of looking for a gold serum which will not be heavy on the wallet and came across this serum named Gold Ojas Moisture Serum from the brand Vedic line which was established by Bharti Modi in 2007. Vedic line is a brand which provides innovative & effective daily care products for face, hair ad body. So, I ordered the serum for myself to try and after using it, here i am to tell you about my experience using the serum and if I recommend it??

Website link click here πŸ‘‰ Vedic Line

Product name:- Vedic Line Gold Ojas  Moisture Serum.

Product Price:- Rs. 300

Net volume:- 100ml

Shelf life:- 3 years.

Packaging:- The product comes in a transparent round plastic bottle with paper stickers on both front and back side of the bottle with all the details about the product written in it. The bottle has a pump dispenser in it, and also a transparent plastic cap is provided to keep it safe from any accidental pump or leakages. As the product is in medium size it can be carried easily on my vanity and is totally travel friendly.

Product Description:- Vedic line Gold Ojas Moisture Serum is light textured, deeply hydrates and keeps skin glowing.

Ingredients:- Aqua, Glycerine, Propylene, Glycol, Carbomer, Niacinamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Gold Mica, Sodium Hydroxide, Allantoin, Methyl Paraben Sodium, Dimethicone, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Fragrance, Di Sodium EDTA, Propyl Paraben Sodium, Phenoxyethanol, Crocus Sativus Flower Extract.

How to use:- Lightly apply on clean & moist skin.

                                                  This is how the serum looks likeπŸ‘‡

After blending the serum into my skin πŸ‘‡

My experience using Vedic line Gold Ojas Moisture Serum:- The texture of the serum is gel based and is not like other face serums available. The face serum is yellow gold in colour and has gold particles or as we like to say gold bhasma in it. Though, the face serum has a strong smell but is pleasant and remains for somethimes if you dont apply any other products on top of it. The product claims to deeply hydrate skin, giving it a healthy glow, and i can say yes to what the product claims. The serum actually hydrates my skin, but the hydration it gives to my skin is not enough because my skin is dry but as a serum it provides my skin that instant hydration effect like it claims. The face serum actually gives a healthy glow to my skin when used. Usually any other face serums gets absorbed into my skin very quick but this serum takes time to get absorbed fully into my skin, just leaving a hint of moisture behind. Also, the face serum has SPF in it which means it is ideal for daytime but cannot be used during night time because of the SPF. One more thing about this serum I want to say is that, the serum has gold particles in it, when applied on one can see the gold particles shining over the skin, but after applying a moisturizer on top of the serum they disappears. If you are thinking to skip your moisturizer and just want to use this serum then I will say it is a bad idea. This is a product which can be used on every skin type and also people with sensitive skin type can also use the serum and thankfully it doesnot give any breakouts. One more good thing about this serum is that it comes under the cruelty free zone. If you have a craze over gold serums like me and want to try i will suggest you to try this budget friendly Gold Ojas Serum from Vedic Line before spending your money on those high end serums available.

Do, I recommend Vedic Line Gold Ojas Serum? 
Yes, I recommend Vedic Line Gold Ojas SerumSerum.

Will, I repurchase Vedic Line Gold Ojas Serum?
Yes, I will repurchase Vedic Line Gold Ojas Serum.

                                                     That's all I have to say about the Gold Ojas Serum from the brand Vedic Line. Share your views and suggestions regarding this post. Show some love and support by sharing this post with your friends and family and dont forget to leave your comments love reading them.

                                                                                                              With love,

Friday, 2 February 2018

Liebster Award

                                       My blog is nominated for Liebster Award

Hello, my beautiful people. Hope you all are doing great. First of all, a very happy new year to all you lovely people. This is my first post of 2018 and happy to announce that my blog is nominated for Liebster Award.

Thanks Sharlene
I am happy and thankful to Sharlene the person and the blogger, who nominated my blog for the Liebster award. Thank you so much Sharlene. Guys please visit her blog which is a travel and lifestyle blog πŸ‘‰ Through R Eyes

How I got nominated for the  Liebster award:- It all started when I joined a new blogging group on Facebook like other bloggers do to connect with each other and one day there I saw a post on the group by a blogger who wants to nominate other new blogs following the rules of the Award. I commented on that post giving my blog link so that they can check my blog if it is eligible for the award or not. After checking my blog Sharlene send me a message telling me that she wants to nominate my blog for Liebster award. And I replied her saying yes and will be happy to get nominated for the award.. This is how my blog got nominated for Liebster Award. Now many of you may not know what this Leibster Award is all about, so, i am here  to tell you everything about Liebster Award and also going to answer the questions that a nominee should answer and tag other blogs for nomination... Keep on reading...

Favourite blog:-
 I like to read a variety of blogs both from my niche and outside of my niche. If you have any recommendations of good small blogs, i will definitely check them out.

What is Liebster Award?
  Liebster award exists only on the internet and is created to discover new blogs and welcome them to the blogging community. The award is given to bloggers by other bloggers, its seems like a nice guesture in my opnion. It has German Origin the word liebster means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.
                                          Nomination Questios from Sharlene

Q1. What inspires your blog?

Ans:- My blog is inspired by beauty, fashion and lifestyle. But I do write on other topics except my niche and also like to checkout other blogs for some inspiration.

Q2. What are the 3 items you would take on a stranded island?

And:- The three items I would take on a stranded island are, a lighter, food, axe.

Q3. If you can live anywhere where would it be?

And:- If I can live anywhere it would be a place where people don't judge each oher.

Q4. How did you come up with your blog name?

And:- Before naming my blog, I did a quick research and find that most of the bloggers named their blogs using their own name. I just followed the trend and named my blog as Beauty Gossip with Farhaj.

Q5. What's one of your favourite  moments?

And:- There are lots of favourite moments but one that is my favourite and close to my heart is, I was struggling with traffic on my blog when I launched my blog, but then I posted a new blog post about 'Ancient beauty secrets of India' and got such a huge response with more than 100 views at that time when my blog is fairly new and this actually motivated and inspired me to carry on as a blogger.

Q6. If you can only eat 1 thing for the rest of your life what it would be?

And:- If I can only eat 1thing for the rest of my life then it has to be chocolate. I love chocolate.

Q7. What's your favourite quote?

And:- The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Q8. What's something you can't live without?

And:- Food.

Q9. Favourite song?

And:- Manuhe manuhor song by Bhupen Hazarika.

Q10. If you can trade places with anyone for a day who would it be and why?

Ans:- If I can trade places with anyone for a day then I would trade places with a homeless person so that they can have the luxury that i do, they can have home cooked warm food, a hot or cold shower according to ones choice, nice clothes to wear and a comfy bed to sleep with a roof over their head with family who love and care about them.

My nominees are:- 
Will update very soon.

                                                   Questions for my nominees

Q1. What inspired you to start blogging?

Q2. What are the 3 things you can not live without?

Q3. If you can go back in your past and change something that happened what it would be?

Q4. If you were granted one wish what would it be?

Q5.Favourite quote?

Q6. What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Q7. Your advice to aspiring bloggers?

Q8. When do you like to write blogs during day or night?

Q9. Favourite dish?

Q10. Your mother tongue?

                                                         Nomination Rules
1.Thank the person who nominated you, and put a link to their blog on your blog
2.Display the award (feature image) on your blog.
3.Write a 150-300-word post about your favorite blog that is not your own.    Explain why you like the blog, provide links
4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself (optional).
5. Nominate 5 – 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers that you feel deserve the award.
6. List these rules in your post.
7. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.
8. Post a comment in the comments of (the award post)  so your post and blog can be viewed

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