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My Blog Introduction

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step....  


     Hello lovely people, i hope you all are doing good by the grace of Almighty. Welcome to my blog, my name is Farhaj Hussain. Today, I am going to talk about my journey from being a simple girl to becoming a Beauty Blogger. Beauty and girls are like connected from the day, born. Beauty is not having fair complexion or size zero figure. Beauty is being happy with the way we are, the way God created us is what I believe....

                                                    I love watching makeup videos online, but never thought one day i will be among those bloggers... I started my Facebook page and it was my first step towards this path. I used to share beauty tips there and was happy with that. One day I was promoting my page in a Facebook group, well I don't remember the name, but there I met someone and we become friends. She was already a blogger then her name is Subhra Subhadarshini, i will leave a link below to her blog, so that you can take a look at her blog. She is such a sweet person and is one of my first blogger friends. She motivated me to create my blog. I just listen to her and one fine day i created my own blog after doing a bit of research. And promised myself, that i will be honest with what i will do. And thats, how my journey began. Today, i am a full time blogger.

                                         My blog is all about Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, diys, product reviews and so on. And at last, i want to thank all the people who supports me for being a blogger first of all a many many thanks to God, thenmy Father my support system, then my blogger friend Subhra Subhadarshini, two of my best friends and also all the other bloggers who are inspiration for me and others... You people inspired me and motivated me to be , what i am today. And, last but not the least, I want you people to love and support me on my journey to learn, to share and spread postivity.... :)   
                                                  This is how my journey began as a Beauty Blogger, i hope you like my post.... Please leave your comments and suggestions regarding this post... Would love to read them..…    My Friend's Blog:-                                                                                
                                                                                                                            With love Farhaj💕💕


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