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Honest Review on Patanjali Rose Facewash

                                          Review on Patanjali Rose Facewash


Hello, my lovely friends. Hope you all are fine, health and happy. Today, I am going to talk about Patanjali Rose Facewash and give you all my honest review on this facewash. 
                                         Every skincare regime starts with the step of cleansing our face with a face cleanser or with a facewash. I always look forward to skincare products that has natural ingredients and is gentle on my skin. Two weeks ago, I went to Patanjali store and saw this facewash and thought of giving it a try.


                                         Product name:-Patanjali Rose Facewash
                                         Product price:-Rs. 45/-
                                         Net weight:- 60gm
                                         Shelf life:- 18 months

Packaging:- The packaging of this facewash is very similar to the other facewash by the Patanjali range. It comes in a white plastic flip open tube that is easy to squeeze out the facewash for use. It is very light weight and is travel friendly.

Product Description:- Patanjali Rose Facewash made from natural extracts of Rose, Neem & Aloe. Which cleanse gently, nourish and revitalize the skin tissues, to make complexion fresh, smooth and beautiful. It is useful in dryness & roughness of skin and reduces pimples.


Composition:- Each 10ml contains extracts of -
                          Rose centifolia 50.0mg
                          Aloe barbadensis 50.0mg
                         Azadirachta indica 5.0mg

Base Material:- Aqua, Gel base, Honey, Diazolidinyl Urea & IPBC, Vitamin E, Sugandhit dravya, Colour (CI: 15450)-Q.S.

Shelf life:- 18 months

How to use:- Apply on wet face, massage gently for 1 minute with water and then wash.

My experience on Patanjali Rose Facewash:- This is a slightly pink coloured gel based facewash. It smells like rose and I just love anything thing that has rosy smell in it. It gives generous amount of foam when mixed with water and deeply cleanses out all the dirt and oil from my skin. My skin is dry and also is very senstive and i easily get pimples or acne but this facewash is so gentle on my skin. The product claims to reduce dryness and roughness of skin and gives smooth, glowing complexion. I have been using this facewash both in the daytime and in the night time to wash my face for more than two weeks now and to be honest... My skin feels so soft and smooth after using it. No dryness no roughness at all. My skin feels fresh and glowy every time I use this facewash. If you are looking for a very gentle facewash suitable for all skin types and also on budget then this is the facewash you should try.

* Will I repurchase this Patanjali Rose Facewash?
   Yes, i will definitely repurchase this facewash.

* Do I recommend this Patanjali Rose Facewash?
   Yes, I do recommend this facewash.

                                                                 This is my experience and honest review on Patanjali Rose Facewash. I hope you people like my review on this facewash and find it useful. Please leave your comments and suggestion on the comment section. I will be happy to read the comments and follow your suggestions.

                                                                                                                               With love,


Unknown said…
It seems like rose-scented beauty products are making a comeback. It always reminds me of old-fashioned rosewater. But I am seeing rose products everywhere - even perfume fragrances.
cori pullin said…
I have to be really careful with facial products as my skin is super sensitive. I have never heard of this product though. Will need to keep an eye out for it 💕
I have super sensitive skin too... But this product is so gentle on my skin feels good... You need to try this product once...
Kori Evans said…
Oh I have seen this! I thought about trying it out. Pretty sure I will now after reading your review! Thank you cor sharing!
So good to know that you like my review... Welcome

Thank you for sharing this awesome information with us!!!
You always write some very interesting topics that give boosts to the reader. Thanks for sharing this article as this is what I m looking earlier.
I personally like Blogging and Online Course as a viable option to me. I am also running a blog Selenium Tutorial , And I am inspired by your blog. If it comes to me I'll give my entire credit to you the only sir ...
Thank you Anshul that you find my review useful... Honored to hear all that you said... By the way I am a girl.... Will love to visit your blog... Thanks so much for such lovely comment.
this look amazing, i have to have gentle products on my face as i break out so easily, I will definately give this a try
Thank you Chevonne for your lovely comment... We all need products that are gentle on our skin and doesnot give us breakouts...

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